Version 6.23 (02/23/2017)

A lot of users think that the screen lock mode is very useful but and reassuring but that’s a bit annoying to unlock before using some features, such as real time simulator for example.

That’s why I’ve integrated a second lock mode. This one let you use the whole application, but prohibit the send of critical commands (as for example print command, axis controls, stop print command…)

By default, the lock mode is disabled (padlock opened icon in the status bar). By clicking it once, you will activate the new “lock critical features” mode. By clicking it again, you will switch to the previous “full screen lock” mode. Finally, click it a last time again to disable the lock mode.

Another thing, I receive a lot (and a lot) of messages, asking me for a “fix” about the fan slider “issue”. Please note that… this is not an issue, and there is no fix. Indeed, Printoid can’t retrieve the current fan speed value, since there is no command to do that in the standard GCODE syntax. That’s why, you can set the fan speed value, but once you restart the app the slider shows back 0%, regardless the current speed. This behavior can’t be fixed at all. Unless you install a speed sensor on your fan, and submit a new GCODE command to the RepRap Project, haha!

The app icon also have a new look, more modern, more elegant. Feel free to give me your feedback about it!

🍪 Changelog

✏ Add a second screen lock mode: lock only the critical commands but keep an access to the other one! (click on the padlock icon to change the mode)
✏ Display a notice message when adjusting the fan slider
✏ New application icon look!


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