Introducing the official forum

Let me introduce you the new official forum for Printoid!

The community of Printoid’s users is growing day after day. And I finally received a lot (and a lot) of e-mails for some bugs reporting, features requests, of with some frequently asked questions.

The user support & maintenance of the application is one of my priorities. I really want to make Printoid better and better, but mainly compatible with all the possible configurations. But this takes me a lot of my time to answer to all my e-mails.

That’s why I’ve though that a forum could be a nice idea. If each time you found an issue, you can report it in the associated categories. So the other users will be able to:

  1. See if the bug has already been reported
  2. See if the issue has already been fixed (or fixing)
  3. Find solutions for the common issues

That’s also a good way for me to who are my users 🙂

So, don’t hesitate to create your account on the forum!



2 thoughts on “Introducing the official forum

  1. The forum is very difficult to figure out when it isn’t in English. The forum areas are described in English, but all the buttons and setup menus and such are not. I think I got logged in my randomly clicking on things, but it wasn’t easy.

    Daniel Eaton Canton Creative 3D 404-567-5675


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