Version 6.22 (02/22/2017)

I’ve received a lot of e-mails according the streaming issues & the Raspberry Pi.

Indeed, some of you seems to encounter a critical issue each time you open the streaming panel: the connection with the Raspberry Pi is lost and even OctoPrint can’t connect anymore, until your reboot the Pi. Fortunately, this does not hurt your current print, but you can’t monitor the printer and check what’s happening after that.

Please consider that:

  • Yes, OctoPrint displays properly the video in its interface, but OctoPrint has a direct access to the Mjpeg streamer process. Printoid don’t do the same, because the app can only access the stream over HTTP.
  • You can’t stream with a full HD resolution. This is overkill and your Raspberry Pi is not strong enough to support that. Consider that a resolution of 640 x 480 is purely sufficient.
  • Also, please check that you have properly configured your reverse proxy (such as haproxy) to make the streaming accessible at the same address as OctoPrint.
  • Using a Raspberry Pi 3 is also the best way to keep a great connection and stability during the print.
  • Printoid provides 3 different streaming method. If the default one has issues with your setup, please try another one.

I still try to make the video streaming better, so this update contains a lot of fixes. The player has been fully reworked.

As requested by a lot of users, you can now zoom on the video by a pinch gesture 😉

🍪 Changelog

✏ Rework the video player (more fluid, more stable)
✏ Pinch the player to zoom on the video!
✏ Enhance password locker screen
✏ Rework the introduction screens
🔧 Display ‘Extruder 0’ for the first extruder (T0 in GCODE syntax)
🔧 Fix missing icons with Black OLED theme
🔧 Fix graphic historic
🔧 Fix temperature values not properly displayed
🔧 Fix left menu slide gesture in Trial mode


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