Version 6.20 (02/12/2017)

Secure the access to Printoid with a password!

You can now activate the security screen when someone want to start Printoid on your phone. A locker screen will appear, asking for a password. This feature is disabled by default, first you need to:

  • Activate it in the “+” panel of the Printoid’s settings (category “security”)
  • Create your own password (4 digits)

Once the password has been customized, you will be prompted for it when you start Printoid.

Please note that:

  • The password is not prompted again if the app goes from background to foreground (if ever you have exited Printoid from the home button)
  • The password is prompte again if the app is started (if you have exited Printoid from the back button)

Since the last version, most of you have some issues with the remaining time during printing ; the information is missing. Sorry for the inconvenience, this is now fixed (same behavior for the real-time 2D visualizer not updated)

Finally, someone reported me that Printoid can’t connect to OctoPrint due to an “unexpected status line” error. I can’t reproduce this issue at all, but I’ve tried to make a fix.

🍪 Changelog

✏ New app locker with password! Activate it in the “+” settings panel to secure the access to Printoid
✏ The default theme is now Black Edition! Bye bye blue theme (still available in the theme selector)
🔧 Fix missing informations while printing (i.e. remaining time)
🔧 Try to fix “unexpected status line” issues during the connection


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