Version 6.19 (02/10/2017)

Good news for those who have files on there printer’s SDCARD: now Printoid is able to work with them! You can now load the file, start a print, or everything you could do before with the other files, without the ‘file not found’ error 😉

When you want to upload a file to your server, Printoid will also ask you the targeted location if your SDCARD is plugged and ready.

A new icon is shown at the left of each filename, to indicates the file origin. If ever you don’t use a SDCARD, this icon is hidden.

When OctoPrint is sending the file to the SDCARD, you are finally able to use Printoid at the same time. I’ve just prohibited the ‘start printing’ features to be sure your server is not overloaded.

Android Wear 2.0 is out now, so Printoid is ready for it. You can update your wear device, the app is still compatible 😉

🍪 Changelog

✏ Support the files from the SDCARD
✏ Upload files to the local storage or to the SDCARD
✏ Support the ‘Sending file to SD’ state of OctoPrint
✏ Get ready for Android Wear 2.0!
🔧 Enhance printer profile editor behaviors
🔧 Fix video streaming framerate in wear module
🔧 Fix heater bed slider in wear module
🔧 Fix 2D renderer out of sync in right panel
🔧 Fix crashes in timelapses panel


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