Version 6.02 (01/03/2017)

First version of 2017!

As expected, here come some new features for your comfort.

I’ve reworked a lot the “printing ended” notification, with:

  • A snapshot of your printing when finished
  • A customized sound
  • A selector of sound to be played, in the settings

Also, I’ve added the “transparent” mode during the GCODE rendering, that allows you to see what’s inside your object.

And finally, congratulations to Josef, the only one that has found how to activate the colorized menu! (long press the “help” menu icon!)

🎆 Changelog

💎 New render mode for the 3D GCODE renderer: transparent
🔧 Display a snapshot of your print in the printing ended notification
🔧 Play a sound when the printing is ended (choose between 6 news sounds in the settings)
🔧 Blink the search icon until clicked (for those who don’t find the 3D renderer!)
🔧 Fix plate orientation in the 3D renderer
🐰 Easter egg: long press on the “help” menu button to colorize the icons!


screenshot_20161230-145701(The printing ended notification)


20161230_150719(The printing ended notification on a Android Wear)


20161230_150729(The printing ended notification on a Android Wear device)


screenshot_20161230-141628(The new “transparent” GCODE render mode)


screenshot_20161230-141959(The new “transparent” GCODE render mode) 

screenshot_20161230-152207(The new colorized menu – first easter egg!)


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