Printoid’s roadmap for the begining of 2017

Hi guys,

Following is my development road map for the begining of this new year. It has been established according your feedbacks of December, and of course, it’s only an overview of what’s will be integrated in the next releases 🙂

2D and 3D visualizers

  • New rendering modes for the GCODE 3D visualizer
  • Enhancements of the rendering for Simplify3D and Slic3r files
  • Reduction of the memory consumption

Printing life

  • Enhanced “printing ended” notification (customized sounds, snapshot of the print…)
  • Change the AlertDialog style to the Printoid style

HMI, look & feel and user experience

  • Protect the sent of the custom commands in the home screen by a dialog (optional)
  • High contrast theme (white text on black panels) for the OLED displays
  • Offline mode for the OctoPrint’s files (keep the last known list in memory)
  • Folders creation, and move the existing files
  • Flexible UI in landscape mode (move the panels where you want, like in portrait mode)


  • GCODE text visualizer
  • Thingiverse APIs to integrate a things browser and direct upload to OctoPrint
  • Tizen version of the Wear module

Do not hesitate to contact me again and again if ever you have nice feature-requests, bugs, or something else 🙂



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