Version 6.04 (01/06/2017)

Printoid is back to the development of new features!

Major update today, with (finally!) the integration of a full backup & restore manager. This manager has two way of work:

  1. The first can be used in the Printoid’s settings. I’ve let you the possibility to perform your own backup, and to restore a backup.
  2. The second one is for those who are upgrading to Printoid PRO (from Printoid TRIAL), from Printoid PREMIUM (from Printoid TRIAL or PRO), or for those who are installing Printoid on a second (or a third!) device. On the first start of Printoid, the welcome screen will prompt you to accept the “read external storage” permission. When granted, you will have a new option on the screen: apply the whole configuration of the previous installation!

How does this backup work? Pretty simple. Once you have accepted the “read/write external storage” permissions, Printoid will be able to write the whole configuration in the /Printoid/settings/ folder on your storage. This backup will contain:

  • All your printer profiles
  • All your settings
  • All your custom SSH / GCODE commands

This is important to let this folder in the same place, with the same name. You simply have to copy it to another device in order to be able to restore the configuration in Printoid.

Important notes:

  • When you uninstall Printoid from your device, the backup will not be deleted too
  • If you have installed Printoid TRIAL, PRO & PREMIUM on the same device (why not!) so they will share the same backup folder
  • When you apply a backup, the app will restart automatically if it succeeded. This operation can take a few seconds.

So, this feature looks pretty cool. Thank you! But why not using a cloud service, like the Google account, to store the configuration in real-time and apply it on another device without having to manipulate files? That’s a good question. And the answer is as much good: the only reason is the security of your personal informations. I want you to have the full control of your public IP, ports, basic auth and SSH password infos. So you’ll stay the master, and not Google.

In this release you will also find other features, like the creation of new folders. Stay on the root of your file directory, or open an existing folder to create folder on it. That’s the same behavior as OctoPrint.

And finally, that’s more cool than useful, but you are now able to swipe on the video streaming to adjust your X and Y axis. For example, swipe from the right to the left to move X to the left by one step. Again, that’s the same behavior as OctoPrint with your mouse on the stream and using the keyboard.

🎆 Changelog

🔧 New backup & restore feature in the settings: save your whole configuration in your SDCARD and apply it on another device for example!
🔧 Restore the previous configuration when upgrading to Printoid PRO or PREMIUM!
🎥 Swipe on the streaming to move the X & Y axis
📂 Create new folders where you want from the expanded files manager
🔧 Enhance the look & feel of all the dialogs

screenshot_20170105-215945(The backup & restore options in the settings)

screenshot_20170106-120747(Apply the last backup saved on your SDCARD directly for the welcome screen!)

screenshot_20170106-120824(Apply the whole configuration from the previous installation when upgrading to the PRO or PREMIUM version)

screenshot_20170106-172152(Create new folders from the expanded files manager, with the button on the top)

screenshot_20170106-164625(The new look & feel of the alert dialogs)


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