Version 18.02 (07/03/2021)

Printoid v18.02 has been published this day and continues to bring you a new interface, more modern and intuitive 🙂

I tried to fix a lot of user experience issues, based on the feedback I received from you day after day.

Tabs mode or Grid mode?

I’ve reworked a lot the dashboard in the “tabs” configuration. That’s why the app will prompt you again if you wanna switch from a mode to another.

You can now easily switch between both dashboards:

  • by clicking on the Printoid icon in the title bar
  • by selecting “Dashboard mode” from the left menu, under the “settings” section

New designs for Google Play

With this release I’ve also worked on the new designs published on Google Play. I hope you will like it!

Progressive release:

– If the update is still not available yet for you, please be patient, it will available very soon for everyone.

– Please do not ask me for the APK by email, Google Play is the only vector of distribution you shall trust. Moreover, I don’t not compile APK files anymore, but rather Android AppBundle only.

☀️ Changelog

✏ Lot of interface refinements
✏ Tabs dashboard mode refined
✏ Easy switch between “grid” and “tabs” dashboard
🔧 Fix tools offset (heaters, bed, chamber)
🔧 Fix external player can’t play timelapses
🔧 Fix language selection in settings
🔧 Fix fan speed parsing (TopTemp plugin)

☀️ Notes de version

✏ Nombreuses améliorations de l’interface
✏ Dashboard “onglets” amélioré
✏ Passage rapide du mode “grille” au mode “onglets”
🔧 Fix des offsets des outils (têtes chauffantes, lit, chambre)
🔧 Fix des lecteurs externes pour la lecture des timelapses
🔧 Fix de la sélection de langue
🔧 Fix de la vitesse du ventilateur (plugin TopTemp)


2 thoughts on “Version 18.02 (07/03/2021)

  1. The improvements and flexibility in the GUI are great. However, when trying them out during an active print I managed to inadvertently turn the nozzle temp down and killed the print. I would prefer if changes to an active print included warnings before anything actually changed.


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