Support Printoid on Patreon

Dear Printoid users,

Today I really need your help to keep Printoid alive. I will explain you why!

How Printoid is made

As many of you already know, Printoid is made by one and only one developer: myself!

Printoid is not my full time job. I’m an Android Developer for french companies. But I really want to make Printoid my full time job, more than a simple passion!

This way, I develop Printoid on my free time only. Mostly during the nights and the week-ends.

But I don’t do only development: as I am alone, I also have to manage the lot and lot of emails I receive everyday (do bug fixes, answer to everyone as fast as possible, listen for requests, etc). And, finally, I also have to manage this web site. Be sure, that’s a lot of work.

What are the incomes generated by Printoid

Not so much, even if the app cost more than 7$.

Simply because, Google retains a huge part of those 7$:

This way, the final amount “in my pocket” is only ~3.5$.


  • I still have to pay a social taxe, in France (called URSSAF). Almost 13%. I have to pay it every 3 months.
  • And last but not least, we have to pay our income taxes monthly. Almost 15%.

Finally, for every Printoid PREMIUM sold… I really get 2.6$. It is only 37% of the price on Google Play!

How many licenses are sold every day: it depends. In general, 5-6 every days of the week, and 10-15 during the week end days.

Unfortunately that’s not enough to live from my passion…

What about the future

A lot of people are requesting me an iOS version. Be sure that, it is very (very) expensive for me to develop Printoid for iOS (it would require me more than 4000$ every month, because I’m not an iOS developer at all, and I don’t have enough free time to learn + to develop the app).

In fact, I think that, I will stop to maintain Printoid for a while very soon, in order to focus on new projects (my main goal today is to leave from my passion of the Android development, so new projects would help me to achieve this goal, I hope)

Unless you want to help me to have sufficient funds every month.

How can you help

You can join the 16 current (and fabulous) patrons I have on Patreon!

You can pledge 1$, 2$, 3$, 5$… 10$, 20$, or the amount of your choice!

At this time Gina, the developer of OctoPrint, has reached more than 6000$, pledged by more than 1600 users. That’s amazing!

Thank you so much for your help, I really count on you!

Screenshot from 2019-10-23 22-59-41Patreon-Featured


3 thoughts on “Support Printoid on Patreon

  1. Anthony, I want to help. I’m a a Pro user, I’ll buy the Premium, anything I need to know, settings etc? I’ll become a patreon as well, I’ll do both those in the next two days.

    I love your software, good luck.


  2. Dear Anthony. I am already a Patreon supporter, but I would suggest updating the Patreon page more frequently. Your last entry is half a year old and you last posted about version 9 in November 17.

    I know that you use other channels to inform us about updates etc., but the Patreon page looks a bit abandoned and this does not help with raising money through Patreon.


    1. Hey,
      You’re totally right, I’m going to make this page more alive, and I will post exclusive things for Patreons!
      Thank you for your support, I really appreciate


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