[ANNOUNCEMENT] I need beta testers for Printoid!

Dear Printoid users,

I need a lot of beta testers, ready to experiment the new interface of Printoid!

This will come in the next weeks. To be tested:

  • A brand new way to display the printer information (using tabs)
  • A brand new notification system, more efficient

This new version will be (probably) called Printoid v14.

Prerequisites (very important):

  • You need to be a Printoid PREMIUM user
  • You need to be a frequent user of the app (at least 4-5 time(s) a week)
  • You need to know how to install an APK on your phone

Please send me an email if you feel interested! (please complete the “subject” of your email with something like “Beta tester of Printoid v14”, I receive a lot of emails everyday so please help me to sort them 😉 )


Thanks a lot in advance for your contribution!


3 thoughts on “[ANNOUNCEMENT] I need beta testers for Printoid!

    1. Hello Ben,
      There is no Jira, nor any other issue tracker tool. I had a public tool like that before, but users were opening so many useless tickets…
      For any bug report, please contact me at : contact@printoid.net
      As usual, please be as precise as possible when describing your issue 🙂


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