Version 13.10 (09/14/2019)


Printoid v13.10 is here (and I’m here too after a long time!) and the app is now translated for our friends from China, thanks to the great work of Hiro Fu!

This version brings few little changes too, especially regarding the way to switch between OctoPrint profiles. In fact, today, there are many ways to switch to another profile:

  • From the left menu, click on the arrow close to the name of the current profile in the header, you will see the list of configured profiles within the navigation drawer. Click on a profile to connect to.
  • From the “profiles” quick action (enable it from the app settings), this is a button in the title bar to quickly access to the list of configured profiles.
  • From the OctoPrint profile configuration panel, you can select another profile (leave the editor with a new profile selected, and the app will connect to)
  • From the OctoPrint profile selector at startup of the app, if enabled from the app settings.

Now you can also directly swipe on the profile name, in the title bar of the app (accessible from any panel). Swipe to the left to connect to the previous profile in the list. Swipe to the right to connect to the next one in the list. Easy and very fast πŸ˜‰

I’ve also fixed a lot of things in this version, and adjusted some behaviors regarding your feedback. Thanks guy for your emails!

Progressive release:

  • If the update is still not available yet for you, please be patient, it will available very soon for everyone.
  • Please do not ask me for the APK by email, Google Play is the only vector of distribution you shall trust. Moreover, I don’t not compile APK files anymore, but rather Android AppBundle only.


🌞 Changelog

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ Chinese translation, thanks to Hiro Fu!
✏ Swipe left/right on the profile name (title bar) to switch to another OctoPrint profile
✏ Support PrusaSlicer v2.0.0 (2D and 3D views)
✏ Support MxPlayer to play timelapses
πŸ”§ Fix SSH commands return (show in a dialog)
πŸ”§ Fix notification channels
πŸ”§ Fix connection workflow between LAN and WAN
πŸ”§ Lot of bugfixes

🌞 Notes de version

πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ Traductions en Chinois, merci Γ  Hiro Fu !
✏ Swipe gauche/droite sur le nom de profil (title bar) pour switcher sur un autre profil OctoPrint
✏ Support de PrusaSlicer v2.0.0 (vues 2D et 3D)
✏ Support de MxPlayer pour jouer les timelapses
πŸ”§ Fix du retour des commandes SSH (affichage dans un dialog)
πŸ”§ Fix des channels de notifications
πŸ”§ Fix du processus de connexion entre LAN et WAN
πŸ”§ Nombreux fixes de bugs


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