[RollingUp] Version 2.02 (08/06/2019)

RollingUp v2.02 is now out on Google Play.

It embeds a new tool to suggest you the best spool(s) when you want to create an input from Printoid.

This tool is based on:

  • The name of your OctoPrint profile, provided in Printoid
  • The name & the manufacturer of the printer you’ve created in RollingUp


  • You have a printer called “Makerbot Replicator” in RollingUp
  • You have an OctoPrint profile called “Replicator” in Printoid
  • You try to input from Printoid for the profile “Replicator”
  • RollingUp opens and show you the list of spools
  • The first spools are those linked to the printer “Makerbot Replicator”



✏ Show suggested spools first when input comes from Printoid (base on printer name)
✏ Show spools linked to a printer on dashboard
✏ Supports landscape mode

One thought on “[RollingUp] Version 2.02 (08/06/2019)

  1. This new version of rollingUp is sooo clever, also for those who rely on NFC chips for spool selection. Adding the consumption of a print was never easier. Well done: good stuff!


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