Version 11.04 (12/10/2018)

Printoid v11.04 is now out, with a lot of major features!

1/ First of all, OctoPrint v1.3.10 is out too

OctoPrint v1.3.10 is out since today and bring its own bunch of features and fixes.

One major feature, and not the least, is the new way to secure the websocket (Printoid is registering to, in order to get information about the server and the plugins in real time). Before v1.3.10, everyone could open the websocket of your server and watch the messages, without any security. Right now it is more secured because the client (i.e. Printoid) shall negociate a session with OctoPrint over the dedicated REST API, using your server API key, before opening the websocket. Otherwise no message will be shown at all.

That’s the impact on Printoid today, and that’s why Printoid v11.03 and previous would not be able to show all features if you’ve updated to OctoPrint v1.3.10.

I’ve made the changes in this version: Printoid is now able to support OctoPrint v1.3.10.

2/ The plugins

OctoPrint has a fabulous eco-system of plugins, developed by amazing devs all around the world. Most of you are using at least one or two plugins.

I receive many requests by email to integrate this or this plugin in Printoid. Please note that each OctoPrint’s plugin needs a lot of development on my side. It is not automatic 🙂

To response to these requests, I’ve totally reworked the way to handle the plugins in Printoid. Now, from the left menu, you can access to the list of supported plugins (“OctoPrint’s plugins”). Each plugin now has its own page. Click on the plugin of your choice to open its page.

3/ The Enclosure Plugin

Requested by a lot of users, the Enclosure plugin is now supported by Printoid!

You can now control your outputs from the app. The configuration of your outputs/inputs is not possible from Printoid, you need to configure them from the web interface of OctoPrint. But once configured, you do not need the web interface anymore 🙂


4/ The Octolapse plugin

Used by more and more users, this plugin is totally incredible!

Same as the Enclosure plugin, you can now control Octolapse from Printoid (enable/disable the feature, see its status, change profile for printer, stabilization, etc.) but you can not configure it (you can not create new profiles from Printoid for example).


5/ The AutomaticShutdown plugin

This is a very simple plugin which allows you to enable/disable the automatic server shutdown once the print is ended.

From Printoid, you can enable/disable this feature.


6/ The power supply plugins

The PSU and TP-Link plugins were already integrated in Printoid PREMIUM. They are controllable directly from the left menu.

Now you can also control them from the plugins page.


7/ Please note that…

…all plugins supported by Printoid are not plugins developed by the Team. A big thank for all these amazing developers.

Of course… all the listed plugins have to be installed on OctoPrint in order to be controlled by Printoid. Otherwise you will get an error message which will indicate you to install the plugin on your server.


✏ Support OctoPrint v1.3.10: please update Printoid & Octoprint as soon as possible
✏ New feature: each plugin has its own page
✏ New plugin supported: Enclosure
✏ New plugin supported: Octolapse
✏ New plugin supported: AutomaticShutdown
🇵🇹 New language: Portuguese is now available for all!
🔧 Fix crash when deleting the last file

Notes de version

✏ Support d’OctoPrint v1.3.10: merci de mettre à jour aussi vite que possible
✏ Nouvelle feature: chaque plugin a sa propre page
✏ Nouveau plugin supporté : Enclosure
✏ Nouveau plugin supporté : Octolapse
✏ Nouveau plugin supporté : AutomaticShutdown
🇵🇹 Nouveau langage: le Portugais est dispo pour tout le monde !
🔧 Fix du crash lors de la suppression du dernier fichier



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