Erratum: Printoid needs to be updated to support OctoPrint v1.3.10

OctoPrint v1.3.10 is out today, and brings a lot of deep changes.

Actually, Printoid v11.03 does not support well this version, and the application needs to be updated in order to support some new changes in the interface.

For the moment, those who’ve updated OctoPrint to this version could experiment issues with:

  • The terminal (it is not feed by any messages)
  • The plugins (such as PSU Control, TP-Link…)
  • The current Z height

All the other features are still working well.

Be sure that I’m on it, the new version of Printoid will be available as soon as possible.

I also would like to thanks Gina, the developer of OctoPrint, for her fabulous work, and to apologize for my previous messages that could be misunderstood: I wanted to say “I need to investigate on this issue” and not “the new version of OctoPrint has an issue” of course, but I’ve chosen the wrong words, the wrong sentences. I’m sorry for that!

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