Version 10.06 (08/16/2018)


Android 9 (Pie) is already available in its stable version for Google Pixel (1 & 2) and Pixel XL devices.

This new version of Android comes with important changes:

1/ A new permission has been added to Printoid: FOREGROUND_SERVICE. This permission is now mandatory for apps such as Printoid on Android 9, and running foreground services (tasks executed without user interface, normally in background, but mandatory to be in a foreground thread since Android 6 (M)). It is transparent for you.

2/ Android 9 now deprecates HTTP calls (in clear) by default. It forces HTTPS requests, what can be annoying for some users. Printoid now requests Android the ability to continue HTTP calls. It is transparent for you.

3/ The legacy library “Apache HTTP” is now removed from Android. Printoid still needs some classes from this library, that’s why it is now embedded in the app for API 28+ (Android 9+). It results on an increased package size (+ ~100ko) but it is also transparent for you. I will remove the need of this library in the next releases.

The app (v10.06) has been tested on a fresh install of Android 9, with an emulator. It’s running well and still flawlessly 🙂 But don’t hesitate to keep me informed if ever you encounter new issues after upgrading your device to Android Pie.


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