Version 10.05 (08/14/2018)

Printoid is back, after at least two months of inactivity 😉 I was focused on RollingUp, the filament spools manager app.

But it is time to work again on Printoid, and I will bring you amazing news:

  • I will work on a new screen to show the status of all your OctoPrint servers at the same time
  • I will introduce a new section in the app to manage OctoPrint plugins
  • First plugin to be introduced will be the OctoPrint enclosure plugin since it is the most requested
  • Second plugin to be introduced will be the OctoLapse plugin since a lot and a lot of users are now using this amazing tool
  • I will also work hard on the Accessibility feature 😉
  • And more to be announced soon… stay tuned!

Please, note about the plugins:

  • I am not the developer of OctoPrint and I am not the developer of its plugins
  • I can’t integrate “the plugins of OctoPrint” in Printoid. Nop. I need to work at least 2-3 weeks on each plugin integration, manually, if and ever if the plugin developer has provided sufficient interfaces to control it.
  • I will integrate the most used plugins first. I know, a lot of plugins are very cool but I cannot integrate plugins used by 2 or 3 users of Printoid only. I have to focus on the biggest plugins first, be comprehensive 😉 I’m the only developer of the project.

In this new release, you will find a lot of enhancements asked by the users by email.

Printoid is also ready for Android Pie (API 28), already ready for update on Google Pixel devices 😉

🌴 Changelog

✏ Get ready for Android Pie!
✏ Show warning when trying to input length of 0 to RollingUp
✏ Improve file manager look & feel
✏ Increased file action icons size
✏ Update Russian translations (thanks to Dmitriy)
🔧 Fix title bar configuration
🔧 Fix flowrate/feedrate sent to 0 even if canceled
🔧 Lot of medium & minor bugfixes

🌴 Notes de version

✏ Prindoid est pret pour Android Pie !
✏ Warning lors de l’inputation d’une longueur de 0 vers RollingUp
✏ Amélioration du design du manager de fichiers
✏ Boutons d’actions sur les fichiers plus gros
✏ Mise à jour des traductions en Russe (merci à Dmitriy)
🔧 Fix de la config de la barre de titre
🔧 Fix flowrate/feedrate envoyés à 0 même sur annulation
🔧 Nombreux bugfixes medium et mineurs

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