Version 10.01 (05/04/2018)

Version 10.00 just released, and you were like:

What the heeeeell the app icon is missing!


And a few seconds after that, I was like:

Sooooo much e-mails about this missing icon issue :’)


Hell… yes, I had an issue with the devices under Android 7.1 and above (arf, the app icon was only present on Android 8.0+…)

That’s because Google has introduced the Adaptive Icons concept in Android 8.0. And yes, I’ve broken the compatibility with the oldest devices ^^ My bad.

This huge release (because it is a huge change) brings back… the app icon, guys!

Wouhouuuuuu! Thank you!

I’ve also added two new features:

  • Force close the background process of Printoid from the notification
  • Skip the current IP connection tests if you know that it will fail (so it goes to the second IP process check)

And, to monetize the app and finance the next developments + the iOS version, there are now advertising in Printoid LITE.

Not all the LITE users are concerned for the moment. Only the users who have downloaded the app this the 1st of January, 2018. That’s a kind of trial period to see if this means of monetization works.

🌿 Changelog

🔧 The missing icon issue is now fixed
✏ You can now close the Printoid process from the notification
✏ You can now skip the connection process if the IP is not the correct one
🔧 Advertising improvements for the LITE users

🌿 Notes de version

🔧 Le problème d’icône manquante est fixé
✏ Vous pouvez désormais fermer le process Printoid d’arrière plan depuis la notification
✏ Vous pouvez désormais passer le process de connexion si l’IP n’est pas l’IP correcte
🔧 Amélioration de la publicité pour les utilisateurs LITE

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