Version 9.05 (12/20/2017)

I though that the v9.04 would be the last one before 2018 but, that’s Christmas time guys! I want to release the latest features before Christmas, because I’m waiting (and hoping) a lot of new users for this end of year. 3D printing will be the most talked-about subject of 2018!

1/ Support of the PSU control plugin

A lot of users requested me the support of the PSU control plugin in Printoid.

That was already possible in Printoid PRO and PREMIUM by using the custom HTTP commands from the Commands Panel.

Here is a direct integration of the PSU plugin for the PREMIUM users (finally a new exclusive feature for you guys!). If the PSU plugin is installed on your OctoPrint server, you will get a new entry in the left side menu. The actual PSU state is indicated in the icon and the label. Simply click on this entry to toggle the PSU state. Of course, a warning dialog will protect this feature.

The full tutorial is available here.

2/ List improvements

Sometimes, you need to force Printoid to update the files and timelapses list with the server. Now you can pull to refresh both of these lists, with a brand new animation 😉

You can also swipe a STL file from the left to the right to directly slice it now.


3/ Save or share your render capture

Same as in the Streaming Panel, you can now take a snapshot of your 2D or 3D render and save it to the internal storage, or share it with your friends.

Simply click on the new “camera” icon at the bottom left of the render view 🙂

4/ Final Z height

When the information has been properly retrieved from the metadata of the file, Printoid is now able to display the final (target) Z height of your current printing job. This value is, as indicated, the final expected height at the end of the printing job.

To display this value, simply click on the “current Z height”, bellow the progress sliders. To display the “current Z height” value back, click on the card again.


❄ Changelog

✏ New feature: PSU control plugin integration in the left side menu (PREMIUM only)
✏ New feature: pull to refresh the files & timelapses
✏ New feature: swipe file to slice it
✏ New feature: save or share a capture of your 2D/3D renders
✏ New feature: display the final Z height (click on the current Z height)
🔧 Fix download process when rendering file
🔧 Fix custom HTTP commands
🔧 Fix duplicated timelapse entries
🔧 Fix list refresh on file removed
🔧 Fix crashes when trying to start the app for the 1st time

❄ Note de version

✏ Nouvelle fonction : intégration du plugin PSU dans le menu de gauche (PREMIUM uniquement)
✏ Nouvelle fonction : pull to refresh les fichiers et timelapses
✏ Nouvelle fonction : swipe un fichier pour le slicer
✏ Nouvelle fonction : sauvez ou partagez des captures de vos rendus 2D/3D
✏ Nouvelle fonction : affichez la hauteur finale (cliquez sur la hauteur en cours)
🔧 Fix du process de téléchargement de fichier lors du rendu 2D/3D
🔧 Fix des commandes HTTP
🔧 Fix des timelapses dupliqués
🔧 Fix du rafraichissement à la suppression d’un fichier
🔧 Fix des crashes à la 1ère ouverture de l’app

Help the developer to maintain Printoid

I need your help to continue the development of Printoid!

Today I can’t manage to develop both Android & iOS versions and maintain this website at the same time. That’s why you can now help me with a one-time donation over PayPal: you can donate what you want to help the development of Printoid 😉



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