Version 9.04 (12/15/2017)

Probably the last release of 2017!

1/ Look & feel improvements

I’ve reworked the OctoPrint profile selector design. You can now switch between your servers faster than never!

For your information, there are two way to open the profile selector:

  • Enable the OctoPrint profiles quick-action from the settings of Printoid
  • Open the left menu and click on your profile name, on the header

I’ve also reworked the onboarding screens (the first screens you see when you start the app for the first time). These screens are not here to annoy you but to provide a lot of informations about the app and how to use & configure it. That’s why I’ve added a lot of buttons to redirect you to the tutorials on I’ve understood that some of you were a bit loosen when using the app for the first time, that’s why I’ve done all my best to provide as much informations on the beginning, trying to be as clear as possible.

2/ OctoPrint profile first setup

I receive a lot (probably too much) of emails from users who complain about the connection, which fails again and again. Printoid is not a magical tool: if you provide wrong informations, Printoid wont be able to join your OctoPrint server.

That’s why I’ve included more warning messages, tutorials (the “help” button now blinks: yes, the help button can help you guys!), and a new way to retrieve automatically your public IP (WAN).

You still need to configure your router to make your OctoPrint reachable over the “outside” of your network (3G or 4G for example). I can’t do that for you.

As a reminder: here is the tutorial to make OctoPrint reachable over the Internet.

3/ UI and UX improvements

I’ve totally reworked the dimensions management. Now the texts and objects should be properly displayed on all the devices (smartphones and tablets).

I hope that you’ll have a better experience with Printoid right now 🙂

4/ Upload issues

Some of you have reported me that you were not able to upload files from the SDCARD of your device.

I’ve reworked the way to handle the system files, and (finger crossed) you should now be able to upload files from your internal storage, your first sdcard, your second sdcard, etc.

It also works if you plug a USB key on your device (with an OTG cable) and try to upload a file from this support 😉

Second thing, Printoid now supports the file selection by using Root Explorer.

Finally, the files with a “.g” or “.G” extension are now supported by Printoid and can be sent to OctoPrint.

5/ Contact the developer

As you know, I’ve very close to my users. That’s why you have a button to contact me directly from the left menu.

That’s cool, right. But please, don’t use this “feature” as you want: please respect some conditions. I’ve written a “chart” to read before contacting me here.

Be sure that, nothing will change, I will still try to answer you as fast as possible. But be also sure that I will now prioritize the emails I receive. I’m not a robot, and I’m the only developer on this project, that’s why I purely can’t redirect everybody on the already-answered questions or on the tutorials. So the most important topics will be treated with the highest priority, and the questions related to something already explained on this website will only receive a link to the dedicated tutorial (but, still with a smile, don’t worry 🙂 )

So please, consult before contacting me:

Thank you guys for your comprehension 🙂

❄ Changelog

✏ New OctoPrint profiles selector screen design
✏ Rework the welcome screens: more links to the tutorials on
✏ New feature: auto-retrieve the public IP (WAN)
✏ Improve the screen density management
✏ Enhance the streaming FPS computation
✏ Do not allow the “swipe to print” if currently printing
✏ Files with “.g” extension are now supported
✏ Support file upload from sdcard & with selection with Root Explorer
✏ Enhance the contact developer form
🔧 Display more temperature samples
🔧 Lot of bugfixes

❄ Note de version

✏ Nouveau design de selecteur de profils OctoPrint
✏ Rework des écrans d’accueil : plus de liens vers les tutos
✏ Nouvelle fonctionnalité : récupération auto de l’IP publique (WAN)
✏ Amélioration du support de densités d’écrans
✏ Amélioration du calcul des FPS
✏ Blocage du “swipe pour imprimer” si impression en cours
✏ Les fichiers à extension “.g” sont désormais supportés
✏ Support de l’envoi de fichiers depuis la sdcard (+ support de Root Explorer)
✏ Amélioration du formulaire de contact du développeur
🔧 Affichage de davantage de températures
🔧 Fix de nombreux bugs

Don’t forget the partnership with Arianeplast, -10% on all the filaments!

Printoid has started its first partnership with Arianeplast, one of the better french filaments producer. I’ve negociated a unlimited -10% voucher for the Printoid users on the whole online-shop, so don’t hesitate to visit the website 🙂

-10% voucher with this code : printoid

Help the developer to maintain Printoid

I need your help to continue the development of Printoid!

Today I can’t manage to develop both Android & iOS versions and maintain this website at the same time. That’s why you can now help me with a one-time donation over PayPal: you can donate what you want to help the development of Printoid 😉



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