🇫🇷 Partnership – ArianePlast, one of the best filaments producers for 3D printers

Printoid is proud to announce its first partnership!


ArianePlast is one of the best 3D filaments producers here in France. It’s a great pleasure to open this partnership with this company, because it produces a complete range of high-quality quality filaments.

Since more than 8 months, I use only filaments from ArianePlast, and particulary its very innovative PLA, such as the steel-effect & metallic ones!

That’s why I really wanted to be a partner of ArianePlast with Printoid.

To be transparent with you, I will not earn money at all with this partnership. I just want to offer some visibility to this great french company, and last but not least, I’ve negotiated a promotional code available for all the Printoid users 😉

ArianePlast will offer you a -10% discount, available on the whole online store, with the following code:


Promo code : printoid

 Who is ArianePlast?

ArianePlast is a young innovative & dynamic company specializing in consumable materials for FDM/FFF 3D printing, established in Sarrebourg, in the north-east of France 🇫🇷

Thanks to the experience it has gained in this field, ArianePlast produces different high-quality filaments for 3D printers, such as PLA, ABS, ASA, PC… but also sells bio plastic granules & dyes for those who want to produce their own filament.

Most of the PLA are Ingeo 4043D resin, already recognized in 3D printing, have a food contact certificate and are guaranteed without Bisphenol A, and finally have a low moisture absorption.

Moreover, ArianePlast offers a 3D printing service, sells built-in 3D printers and repraps in kit…

Its most innovative product is the filament compatible with laser marking.

What are the best products?

A huge range of colors is available for different type of filaments.

Every filaments are so easy to print, even ABS!






White, black, blue, turquoise, yellow, grey, red, ocher, brown, green, & many more…

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Natural, purple, yellow, pink, green, blue, & many more…

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Black, silver, blue, red, ocher, green, & purple soon!

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Copper, bronze, & more soon…

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White, black, grey, green, blue, red, pink, yellow, & many more…

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Wood, cork, bamboo

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Transparent, black, white, blue

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Gallery of objects printed with ArianePlast filaments


A big thank to Jean-Marc MATHIS for this partnership!

The website and online store:


The Facebook page:


The Twitter page:


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