Version 8.09 (10/09/2017)

Maintenance release

Printoid v8.09 fixes a lot of issues introduced with the previous version. Indeed I’ve made a lot of changes in the architecture of the app, that’s why some features were broken since Friday.

Thank you guys for your feedbacks and for your patience 😉 I really want to make Printoid greater, that’s why I need to clean & break a huge part of the code in order to welcome the future features 🙂

I know that there are still some problems with Android 8 Oreo. In fact, Android has changed its background processes management, notifications process, etc. That’s why I’ve still some aspect to rework. Be sure that the next version will bring you a fully compatible app.

🍁 Changelog

🔧 Fix the floating icon (streaming by overlay)
🔧 Fix the alerts manager that didn’t trigger properly some alerts
🔧 Fix the add of a profile picture for some devices
🔧 Fix the image cropper
🔧 Fix snapshots won’t update in the widgets
🔧 Fix crashes when a VPN is enabled on the device
🔧 Fix crashes when opening the left menu
🔧 Fix a lot of other random crashes

🍁 Note de version

🔧 Fix de l’icône flottante (streaming par superposition)
🔧 Fix du manager d’alerte qui ne déclenche pas l’alerte sur certains évênements
🔧 Fix de l’ajout d’une image de profil sur certains appareils
🔧 Fix du redimensionnement de l’image
🔧 Fix des snapshots qui ne s’actualisent pas dans les widgets
🔧 Fix de crashes lorsqu’un VPN est activé sur l’appareil
🔧 Fix de crashes lors de l’ouverture du menu de gauche
🔧 Fix de nombreux autres crashes aléatoires

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