Version 8.08 (10/06/2017)

Important: Printoid v8.06 and v8.07 were two big fails. Very sorry for the inconvenience. I don’t know why, but the last compilation has broken a lot of installations. This is now fixed, so Printoid v8.08 is the new iteration of Printoid 😉 Please be nice, when an update just arrive on Google Play, don’t spam me with 1 star review on Google Play: that don’t make me faster 😉

Printoid 8.08 is a big release! Here are the new features 😉 I hesitated to make this release as a major one (Printoid v9.0) but I’ve still much more ideas to make the app greater before 🙂

1/ Create your own alerts

That was a very (very) ((very very very)) requested features. I don’t know why but a looot of you really want to be informed when something happen with your printer (a specific temperature has been reached, the given Z height is reached too). So why not, here is the feature 😉

Accessible from the left menu, you have a new interface to create as many alerts as you need:

  • Heater head temperature alerts (when 190°C has been reached for example)
  • Same for heater bed temperature
  • Current job progress (50% of your printing job for example)
  • Z height (your head is now at 20mm from your plate for example)
  • GCODE command (when any command of your choice has been executed)

Each alert consist on a set of parameters:

  • Type of alert (should be one of the previous types)
  • Value of the alert (temperature, Z height, GCODE command…)
  • Sensitivity of the alert (in percent of the given value)
  • Vibration pattern (tutorial will come soon)

Please note that:

  • This feature is still ‘work in progress’ and will be enhanced a lot
  • Some bugs can occurs. Please contact me at if needed
  • You can’t set your own MP3 for the alerts yet. This will come too, please be patient
  • That’s not a main feature of Printoid, please don’t juge the app according how the alerts work
  • Be nice: do not expect me to work 24/7 on this feature because you think that you need me to integrate new kind of alerts 😉 I’ve other features to develop.

And finally, as indicated in the app:

  • The alerts will work only if Printoid is opened and in foreground
  • Or if you have a running job and notifications are enabled in the settings of Printoid.

Full tutorial will come soon on


2/ Add pictures to your OctoPrint server profiles

Because a lot of you manage more than one OctoPrint server with Printoid, you are now able to add a picture per profile (from the OctoPrint profiles page).

You can select an existing picture on your device, or take a new picture with your camera.

I’ve also integrated a tool to crop and rotate the picture if needed.

3/ Long press in extrude/retract buttons

You can now easily and quickly extrude / retract the amount of filament of your choice with a long press on the extrude / retract buttons of the main interface.

You will be able to select 1mm, 5mm, 10mm, or 100mm.

Once selected, simply click again on the extrude/retract button to execute the command.

4/ New left menu design

With the integration of the new alerts manager feature, I needed more space in the left menu.

So here is a new design, more complient with the guidelines of Android


🍁 Changelog

✏ New feature: create your own alerts! (temperature, job progress, z height…)
✏ New feature: add a picture to your OctoPrint server profile!
✏ New feature: long press in extrude/retract to adjust the filament length!
✏ New left menu design, more beautiful, more powerful!
✏ New notifications management
🔧 Remove MixPanel and integrate Fabric Crashlytics instead
🔧 Lot of bugfixes and enhancements

🍁 Note de version

✏ Nouvelle feature : créez vos propres alertes ! (température, progression, hauteur Z…)
✏ Nouvelle feature : ajoutez une image au profil de vos serveurs OctoPrint !
✏ Nouvelle feature : appui long sur extruder/retracter pour ajuster la longueur de filament !
✏ Nouveau look du menu de gauche, plus beau, plus puissant !
✏ Nouvelle gestion des notifications
🔧 Suppression de MixPanel et ajout de Fabric Crashlytics
🔧 Nombreux bugfixes et améliorations


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