Version 8.02 (08/03/2017)

Latest release before going on holiday 🌴

I’ve added a new kind of custom commands in the commands panel. A lot of you are using cURL to call their own / or plugins webservices. It’s now also possible directly from Printoid.

See this tutorial for “how to”.


I’ve also enhanced a lot of pieces of the app (better display of some values, more room for other ones, etc.)


🌴 Changelog

✏ New custom HTTP (cURL-like) commands: create your own GET, PUT, PUSH and DELETE commands!
✏ General UI enhancements
✏ Rework the commands editor look & feel
✏ Click on the current temperature value to quickly send a new target value
🔧 Enhance current job informations display
🔧 Enhance time display
🔧 Lot of bugfixes and enhancements of the app

🌴 Notes de version

✏ Nouvelles commandes HTTP personnalisées (cURL-like): créez vos propres commandes GET, PUT, PUSH et DELETE !
✏ Améliorations de l’UI générale
✏ Amélioration de l’éditeur de commandes
✏ Cliquez sur la valeur de la température pour envoyer une nouvelle consigne rapidement
🔧 Amélioration de l’affichage des infos de l’impression en cours
🔧 Amélioration de l’affichage des temps
🔧 Nombreux bugfixes et optimisation de l’application


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