Printoid’s 1st timelapse contest!

To everybody (users of Printoid Lite, Pro, Premium, or not yet user of the app), please welcome the 1st Printoid’s timelapse contest!


The rules are simple

  1. Build or choose the object your want to print (if possible the biggest one!)
  2. Record the best timelapse ever of its printing
  3. You can use OctoPrint or any other timelapse tool
  4. The final video should last at least 10 seconds, at most 60 seconds (the speed of timelapse does not matter)
  5. Share your video on the Printoid’s social network pages (Facebook @Printoid / Twitter @AndroidPrintoid)
  6. Only one video per participant!
  7. Printing in failure are accepted if the timelapse is funny!
  8. Send me an e-mail at with the link to your hosted video + the link to the STL/OBJ file if possible (mandatory for the winners to get their price!)

Simply be as creative as possible!

Earn amazing prices

  1. The 1st winner will earn a spool of 2kg (4,5lbs) of PLA (or ABS, at your choice)
  2. The 2nd winner will earn a spool of 1kg (2,2lbs) of PLA (or ABS, at your choice)
  3. The 3rd winner will earn a spool of 500g of PLA (or ABS, at your choice)
  4. From the 4th to the 10th place, each participant will earn 2x10m of PLA

All the spools will come from ArianePlast, in my own opinion the best PLA/ABS supplier here in France!

Each participant will also win a free license of Printoid Premium.

Contest modalities

You can start to send me your videos from today, until September 10st at 11h59 PM (GMT+0)

The 10 best timelapses will be posted on Printoid, with a link to your website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter feed, etc. 😉

Timelapse examples

Here are some timelapses I’ve done using OctoPrint + Printoid + MicroDelta Rework from eMotionTech (a french delta printer)



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