Version 8.01 (07/21/2017)

Hello v8.01!

Last week I had a reflection about Printoid Trial. Should I keep the “trial” and “pro” concept like actually, or should I change it to another model. I thought about adding some ads to the Trial version, but with the same version than the actual Pro one. This way, users would be able to use the whole features (streaming, commands, terminal,2D and 3D visualizers…) for free, but with some interstitial ads. Twitter gave me a reply: that’s not a great idea and ads would break the user experience. So… I’ve simply renamed Printoid “TRIAL” to Printoid “LITE” ! In fact, this free version was no more a trial version, because most of you (more than 70%) had downloaded the PRO or PREMIUM version first (so without Printoid TRIAL).

Welcome to Printoid LITE!

Printoid LITE has not changed: it’s the same application, and still free. But it’s now considered as a “basic pack of features” to control OctoPrint, without the extra features provided in the Pro version (and I can understand than some users does not want to use the whole features).

1/ New advanced tools controller

Click on the temperature graph. Here is the new temperature & tools manager !

You’ll be able to adjust the temperature targets for your heated heads and bed, and to extrude/retract the desired amount of filament. A good alternative for those who don’t like at all the sliders 😉

2/ Current print informations

I agree with you, the current print informations (bellow the “remaining time” indicator) looks like a draft. Here is a rework of this piece of the interface, with the current Z height value, as requested by most of the users.

3/ Time values display

For more commodity and an easier read, now the time values are no more displayed like 05:14:23 but rather like 5h 14m 23s. No a huge change, but really (really) better for your beautiful eyes.

4/ User experience enhancements

The small file manager is now able to directly open the 2D and 3D visualizers. The icon sizes are now bigger when the file is extended.

A new option is available to shut off the notifications sound (select “OFF” in the sound selector)

Printoid is now able to retrieve the progress of the OctoPrint’s slicer progress in real-time. A progress dialog is now displayed.

The current Z height value, and the Raspberry’s inner temperature are now selectable values to be displayed in the title bar.


☀ Changelog

✏ Printoid “Trial” is now called Printoid “Lite”!
✏ New advanced tools control! Click on the graph to open it
✏ Small file manager look & feel reworked
✏ New option to deactivate the notifications sound
✏ Retrieve the slicing progress in real-time
✏ New way to display the time values
✏ Raspberry inner temperature is shown in the title bar
🔧 Enhance the current print informations look & feel
🔧 Fix a lot of issues (thanks for your feedbacks!)

☀ Notes de version

✏ Printoid “Trial” s’appelle désormais Printoid “Lite”!
✏ Nouvel écran de control des outils ! Cliquez sur le graph pour l’ouvrir
✏ Look du manager de fichiers réduit amélioré
✏ Nouvelle option pour désactiver le son des notifications
✏ Récupération de la progression du slicer en temps réel
✏ Nouvel affichage des valeurs de temps
✏ Température interne du Raspberry dans la barre de titre
🔧 Amélioration de l’affichage des infos d’impression
🔧 Fix de nombreuses issues (Merci pour vos retours !)


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