Version 8.00 (07/07/2017)

Printoid v8 is finally here!

After the 3 past months, working on the user experience and general design, here is the new generation of the app. Printoid v8 will be focused on the performances and the missing features. Be sure I will integrate all your requests, and try to make the most powerful app ever!

With this first release come 2 major features, expected for a while by a lot of users: the terminal and the current Z height value 😉

1/ Integration of the terminal

Printoid PRO and PREMIUM now integrate the real-time GCODE commands terminal, such as the one in the web interface of OctoPrint. That’s of course a “real real-time” tool : when you sent a GCODE command you’ll directly get its result in the terminal, without extra delay.

To integrate the terminal in the interface, I’ve reworked the commands panel. More commands are displayed in the grid in portrait mode, whereas the panel now displays expended in landscape mode (terminal in on the left since commands are still on the right).

2/ Integration of the current Z height

The current Z height is now displayed in real time on the main interface, below the remaining time and on the left of the “play/pause/stop” print buttons.

I’ve also re-integrated the GCODE size progress (how many MB printer / how many MB in total) in the informations list.

Because I had to display two more lines in this part of the interface, I’ve integrated a scroll view to contains them. So you will probably not show the current Z value when opening the app (depending on your screen size) but you’ll be able to scroll a bit to show it.

☀ Changelog

The new generation has come!
✏ New feature: integration of the real-time GCODE terminal!
✏ New feature: display the current Z height in the main interface!
✏ Enhance the commands panel look & feel
🔧 Fix notifications values
🔧 Fix input dialog behavior
🔧 Fix time progress value that exceeds 100%
🔧 Replace the toggle buttons by switches

☀ Note de version

La nouvelle génération est arrivée !
✏ Nouvelle fonctionnalité : intégration du terminal de commandes en temps réel !
✏ Nouvelle fonctionnalité : intégration de la hauteur en Z en temps réel !
✏ Amélioration du design des commandes
🔧 Fix des valeurs dans les notifications
🔧 Fix du comportement du dialogue d’entrée de valeur
🔧 Fix de la progression en temps excedant 100%
🔧 Remplacement des boutons toggle par des switchs


2 thoughts on “Version 8.00 (07/07/2017)

  1. Would love to be able to powerer on and off printer like I do in octoprint.

    Also would be nice to have a button to restart octiprint web service when its not responding


    1. Brian,

      Both are already possible in Printoid PRO and PREMIUM using the custom commands panel (SSH, GCODE, OctoPrint system commands, and curl)


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