Version 7.12 (06/08/2017)

Three major features in this new release!

1/ The history of your last successed/failed prints

I’ve integrated a new plugin in the extended files manager: a view to show you your last successed/failed prints in a timeline.

That’s really (really) useful for those who are managing a lot of files on their OctoPrint server / SD card, in particular when you are printing an assembly of multiple files.

You can directly retrieve the last printed files and know which are those you’ve successfully printing or not, in order to restart the printing for example, or to check if you’ve not missed on of your files.

Please note that this is not a real printing history : you will only see one entry per file. For example:

  • You have successfully printed a file: one entry is shown at the top of the timeline
  • You have successfully printed a file two times: only the last entry is shown
  • You have successfully printed a file after a failure: only the success will be shown

Please also note that if you delete the file, Printoid won’t be able to show anymore the last status for this file.

Why these limitations: because OctoPrint only exposes the last printing status for a given file. Once the file is deleted, the information is lost too.

Why not a “real-time” history stored locally in Printoid: because some of you probably still use the OctoPrint web interface to start their prints, without starting Printoid. In this case, Printoid is, of course, unable to know that you’ve started and ended a printing, so this operation will be missing in the interface. I really want to provide a tool optimized and up-to-date with the informations provided by OctoPrint.


2/ Sort your timelapse files

A lot of users asked me an option to sort their timelapse files in Printoid. Here is it! You’re now able to do that directly from the timelapses panel.

3/ Other improvements

Some of you complain about the process implemented in the 2D & 3D visualizers. Printoid needs to download your file locally in order to render it in its interface. That’s mandatory. In order to prevent too much useless downloads, Printoid will keep the file in the internal storage of your device, and re-use it later.

But when you deleted this file from OctoPrint and re-upload a new version with the same name, Printoid was unable to know if the file has changed or not.

Now the process is fixed, Printoid will download your file again (erasing the previous one) if the file content has changed, even if the file name is the same 🙂


😎 Changelog

✏ New feature: history of your last successed/failed prints
✏ New feature: Sort your timelapse files
✏ Enhance the extended files manager
✏ Enhance the stored files management (re-download the file if the content has changed but name is the same)
✏ Update the icons set
🔧 Fix leak of data usage from mjpeg streamer
💌 New contact e-mail:

😎 Notes de version

✏ Nouvelle fonctionnalité : historique de vos derniers succès/échecs d’impression
✏ Nouvelle fonctionnalité : triez vos timelapses
✏ Amélioration du manager de fichiers
✏ Amélioration du stockage des fichiers (force le téléchargement si le fichier a changé mais le nom a été conservé)
✏ Mise à jour du set d’icônes
🔧 Fix de la fuite d’utilisation de données avec mjpeg streamer
💌 Nouvelle e-mail de contact :

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