[IMPORTANT] The new email address to contact the developer

Since the first release of Printoid on June of 2016, I’ve received more than 1200 emails from the entire world.

That’s amazing! I didn’t expect such enthusiasm from the OctoPrint community!

I’ve let your the possibility to send me your messages at any time on my personal email address, but it’s finally pretty hard for me to sort the emails about Printoid and the other (and also) important one.

So please use, starting from today, this new email address to contact me:


Nothing will change for you: you’re still free and welcome to share you feelings about the app with me, to send your bug reports, features requests, or anything you wanna share with me 😉

I will still be as reactive as today too. I’m working hard on replying as fast as possible to your messages, in the next 2 hours when it is possible (GMT+1, Paris) because that’s really important for me to bring you the best support possible.

Again, thank you so much everybody for your great support!



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