Version 7.02 (03/30/2017)

As you’ve probably noticed, the update frequency slowed down during the last weeks. Indeed I’m currently focusing on how could I enhance the user experience and make Printoid more and more friendly for your daily usages, with the version 7 of the app. That means I will not integrate new marvelous features for a while but rather rework the existing one. But of course that’s still a big work for me. Thank you to all of you for your positive feedback, bug reporting, suggestions and more! I appreciate and, even if I don’t have enough time these weeks to answer your messages directly at the reception, I’m still doing all my best to provide you the best response possible.

This release comes after a long reflection. In fact, Printoid wants to be a “all-in-one” application, with (at possible) all the useful tools on the same screen. But, since the app is mostly used on smartphones, I unfortunately don’t have enough room to place the whole features on the home screen (like for example the adjustment of extrusion length, feedrate, flowrate, etc). That’s why you had a “+” button below the extrude & retract. But I’ve received about 50 e-mails asking me “how can I adjust the jog steps?” “is it possible to adjust the extrusion length in Printoid?”. Of course it is, but only a few of you have clicked at least one time on this “+” button. So, in this release, you will be able to access to the “more tools” screen” with a gear button. I hope no user will think that this screen is for the app settings. But I cross my fingers ๐Ÿ˜‰

Second part and not the least, I’ve integrated a new way to control your axis! Exit the buttons, now you can activate the joysticks to move your axis! This feature is optional, but can be activated in the settings (category “tools settings”, the fourth icon). These joystick are powerful because, with the same place in the home screen, you can now be more precise when adjusting your plate and nozzle position: depending on the move of the joystick, you will be able to select:

  • The direction (+x on the top, -x on the bottom, +y on the right, -y on the left, +z, -z)
  • The jog steps, in mm (according the “strength” applied on the joystick – you have circular indicators in the joystick layout)
  • The axis home (x, y and z are now separated and displayed in the “corner” of the main joystick)

I hope you will enjoy this new way of control. It’s inspired by Pronterface, but adapted to be easily used on a touchscreen. Feel free to give me your feedback on this!

Unfortunately I’ve removed the inner video player in the timelapses screen. In fact, I’ve received too many bad feedbacks & crashes due to this feature. But don’t worry you will be still able to download the videos and open it externally (I advice you to use the VLC app which is one of the best video player on Android for MPEG vids)

I’ve also reduced a looot the app size! v7.01 = ~39MB – v7.02ย  = ~17MB. The frequent updates will not hurt anymore your data fair-use!

Finally, I have to mention that Printoid now includes two new track features:

Firebase Crash Reporting: this API will automatically transmit me all the crash reports when occuring in the application. Indeed, some of you were already transmitting the log report to the developer, but since this is not a mandatory behavior, I though that I was missing a lot and a lot of stacktraces. In order to enhance your experience and the stability of the app, Firebase Crash Reporting is now the best key for me.

MixPanel SDK: this SDK allows me to track how the app is used, which are the most used features, and how much time did you spent in the features during a session. In fact, these informations are not mandatory for the development of the app, but they are really (really) useful to understand which features should be enhanced, reworked, removed, moved, etc. That’s a pretty good complement to your reviews & feedbacks!

Of course, I’m still protecting your personal data. I don’t have any access to your public IP, API key, etc. For more informations you can read the Privacy Policy.

๐ŸŒผ Changelog

โœ Introducing the new joysticks! Precise axis control with a direct selection of jog step (disabled by default, can by enabled in the settings)
โœ Reduce a lot the app size (39MB -> 17MB)
โœ The inner timelapse player is no more accessible (too much issues)
โœ Display bed temp. below extruders temp.
โœ New “more tools” icon
๐Ÿ”ง The floating icon is now disabled by default
๐Ÿ”ง Enhance status bar color
๐Ÿ”ง Fix the new input keyboard in landscape mode
๐Ÿ”ง Integration of Firebase crash reporting
๐Ÿ”ง Integration of MixPanel SDK


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