Version 7.00 (03/21/2017)

Here is the new v7.0!

Why is this version a major release? I’m currently working a lot of modules in order to improve the user experience and ergonomy, regarding to the lot of feedback I’ve received during the first part of 2017.

With this version, you can now get away with the ventilation & temperatures sliders! Just click on the icon above the slider to open a dialog with a simplified keyboard 😉

Also, the file manager is now more smart and automatically adjusts its components in order to display the maximum of informations about the selected file.

Unfortunately, I have bad new for those who have Android 7 and above: the language selector does not work anymore. This is dues to an Android limitation. Now, if you wanna use Printoid in another language, I advise you to change the language of your phone. I don’t have any solution to solve that issue, that’s the new design of Android. English is still the default language ; and the feature is still integrated for Android 6.0 and below.

🌼 Changelog

✏ New way to send fan & temperature commands! Click on the icon above the slider and use the simplified keyboard!
✏ Retrieve automatically the streaming & snapshot URL from the OctoPrint configuration
✏ The filename now autoscrolls when selected
🔧 For language feature is no more available with Android 7 (Android limitations)
🔧 Fix snackbar appears below the Android software buttons
🔧 Fix a lot of crashes


4 thoughts on “Version 7.00 (03/21/2017)

  1. Awesome update! I especially like the new way to send fan & temperature commands! Thank you Anthony!


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