Version 6.21 (02/17/2017)

Printoid is now compatible with all the RepRap! This version can now manage not 3, not 4, not 5… but up to 10 hot ends!

This is a huge feature, Printoid is now the only app available to manage the up to 10 extruders of OctoPrint 😉 I’ve produce a lot of work to do that (more than 20 intensive hours) but here it is!

This version does not come with this only feature, because I’ve also integrated the fingerprint sensor in the locker screen. You can now access to the app by using your fingers without having to type your password! Printoid is now a bit more geek 😉

Also, the interface has been reworked a lot (sliders, temperature values beside the graph, presets…)

And finally, the file manager now refresh automatically the file list when you perform an action like a deletion, a file move, a file upload… this is really convenient because, before that, you should refresh the list manually or waiting for the next file list sync.

A lot of issues has been reported by e-mail, and now fixed. Thanks a lot guys for your continuous support, and your nice message, I appreciate it a lot and it’s motivating ❤

🍪 Changelog

✏ Support up to 10 heater heads! Printoid is now able to fully manager 4-hot-end 3D printers for example!
✏ Unlock Printoid by using your fingerprints!
✏ Automatically refresh the file list when an action is performed (deletion, move…)
✏ Enhance extrude/retract management with multiple tools
✏ Enhance temperature presets
✏ Enhance temperature values on the right of the graph
🔧 Fix some 2D & 3D renderer issues with Simplify3D v3.1.1
🔧 Integrate new Russian translations
🔧 Fix a lot of bugs & crashes


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