Version 6.18 (02/07/2017)

New update focused on three important points!

1/ Right panel

I’ve added a new feature to the right panel: the real-time 2D visualizer! Placed between the streaming and the custom commands, you’ll be able to visualize what’s exactly happening on your printer plate at a glance πŸ™‚

This feature is disabled by default. That’s why I’ve added a new panel in the settings, to let you choose what you would like to have in the right panel. You can also remove the streaming and/or the commands if you want.

The right panel now opens above the main screen. Indeed, that’s more fluid like that than pushing out the main screen on some devices. Yep, that’s still not flawless but be sure I will enhance it a lot in the next releases.

2/ Wear module

The wear module has been reworked. I’ve totally understood that the sliders were a bit anoying when you tried to swipe to the next (or previous) screen.

Now before adjusting a slider, you have to click on its icon above to release the lock. A small message will be displayed in place of the icons to remember how does it work πŸ˜‰

The wear app also supports the theme manager! Now the colors are the same than the selected theme on the mobile app. The main menu has been reordered, and a lot of icons has been enhanced.

3/ Warning fixes

Three warning fixes are included in this release.

The first one concerns the missing OctoPrint commands. Indeed, some of you can’t add some of their commands (from config.yaml). That was due to a missing field in the webrequest response parser.

The second one is about the LAN port in your printer profile. You can add a value but unfortunately it’s not retained in the settings.

Last but not least, I’ve fixed a lot of crashes when you use the slicer or the slicer profile editor.

πŸͺ Changelog

✏ Show the real-time visualizer in the right panel! (disabled by default)
✏ Adjust the right panel content in the settings
✏ The wear module now applies the same theme as mobile app
✏ Protect the sliders in the wear module: click the icon before adjusting
✏ Enhance a lot the wear module look & feel
πŸ”§ Fix missing OctoPrint commands in the custom commands panel
πŸ”§ Fix LAN port not properly retained
πŸ”§ Fix slicer crashes

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