Version 6.17 (02/04/2017)

The new v6.17 let you reorder your custom commands! Indeed, when you add a new command in this panel, you were obligated to let it at the end of the list. That’s anoying if ever you would like to organize your commands when you have a lot of them.

Simply do a long press on the command you want to move, then drag and drop it where you want. The dropped command will take the place of the targeted one, and all the following commands will be shifted.

I’ve also improved the status bar: this bar is always showing in the app, whatever the panel you open. So it’s quite natural that this bar should display more useful informations. So, according your server & printer state (disconnected, ready to print, printing…) and each 3 seconds, the content will change to display the following informations:

  • The OctoPrint server state
  • The temperature of your first heater head
  • The temperature of your second heater head (if available)
  • The temperature of your heater bed (if available)
  • The currently printing file (when printing)
  • The current time progress in % (when printing)
  • The current gcode progress in % (when printing)
  • The remaining time of the current job (when printing, of course)

After the changelog is a short video to demonstrate how to reorder the custom commands. Don’t miss the status bar which is displaying the next information each 3 seconds (my printer was ‘ready to print’ and I have only one heater head / no heater bed, so it will only display the current status and the first heater head temperature)

🍪 Changelog

✏ Reorder your custom commands! Long press on a command, then drag’n’drop it where you want!
✏ The status bar now displays all the useful informations in addition to the printer status
🔧 Enhance right panel look & feel
🔧 Fix custom command editor behaviors

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