Version 5.11 (08/12/2016)

This version of Printoid enhance a lot the application startup speed: the informations are now displayed really quickly when you open the application, and the files are directly available (unlike before, where you had to wait for a few seconds before getting the files list ready). The informations during a print have also been totally reworked to prevent an over-consumption of the battery and data fair-use.

Secondly, some of you are using Slic3r to generate the GCODE files, but without any verbosity in the file. It’s a bit complicated to parse the layers since I don’t have any informations about the end of a layer not the start of the next one. So I’ve tried to produce a temporary fix to be sure the file could be at least rendered, even if some of the layers are split in “sub-layers”.

Finally, I’ve fixed some crashes on specific devices like Huawei and HTC. Weird behaviors, but should not happen again (finger crossed)


🎄 Changelog

– Highly increase startup of the application (informations & files are now displayed quickly)
– Enhance informations management during a print (better battery consumption and data usage)
– Fix the profile settings which are cleared when starting the QR code scanner for the API key
– Fix crashes on some devices (Huawei & HTC)
– Minor UI enhancements


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