Version 5.10 (12/07/2016)

As promised to many of you, I finally release the real-time layers visualizer in Printoid during your prints! This feature acts like a 2D simulator, which will display the layer currently printed step-by-step. To start it, please be sure you’re currently printing a file (haha!) and here’s the magic: the “PRINT” button becomes “2D” button (so, just on the left of the “PAUSE” button)

I’ve also enhanced a lot the 2D visualizer: the layers are now properly centered and scaled on the viewer, and the zoom works better now.

Finally, thanks to the great (great) contribution of Dmitriy Chernyy, Printoid is now translated for our Russian friends! Dmitriy is doing all its best to enhance the translations, so in the next versions this should be better and better. на здорове –  na zdorove! 🇷🇺

🎄 Changelog

💎 Integration of the real-time 2D layers visualizer! Click on the “2D” icon during a print, on the left of the “pause” button
💎 The 2D layers are now properly scaled and centered on the visualizer
💎 The zoom behavior is fixed on the 2D visualizer
💎 The layer’s lines are a bit wider
🇷🇺 Printoid is now traduced for our Russian friends (thanks to the great work of Dmitriy Chernyy!)
🔧 Fix some crashes when rotating the screen


(Video to present the real-time 2D visualizer while printing a file – accelerated x10 for convenience)


(The real time visualizer in portrait mode)


(The real time visualizer in landscape mode)


(Printoid is now translated in Russian!)




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