Version 5.08 (12/05/2016)

I’ve provided a lot of work the last week-end for this update. I hope this will fix as many issues as possible.

First, the 2D visualizer has been really enhanced. Following are the important points of evolution:

  • Now the GCODE files from Slic3r can be properly renderer in 2D. Now more crashes!
  • The render of GCODE files from Cura is now much more precise and beautiful
  • Each line has now its proper color according its type (red for outer walls, green for inner walls, white for infill, blue for supports…)

The 3D visualizer has also been enhanced, with new colors. Simplify3D & Slic3r, I don’t forget you, don’t worry, your GCODE files will be supported soon.

Finally, you will see in the following changelog a great batch of fixes and enhancements. For example, the fan speed is now adjustable in % instead of an obvious value.

The small file manager is now more clear: I’ve let more space for the file name, that’s why the “delete” and “download” icons are now only visible when the row is expanded (simple click on the row).

And, of course,Β  a batch of warning fix, including the (terrible) issues when trying to upload a file in a LAN configuration.

πŸŽ„ Changlog

πŸ’Ž 2D visualizer: colorize each line according its type
πŸ’Ž 2D visualizer: support of GCODE from Slic3r
πŸ’Ž 2D visualizer: better support of GCODE from Cura
πŸ’Ž Fix crashes when trying to render a file (2D & 3D visualizers)
πŸ’Ž Purge the downloaded & rendered files when no longer exist on OctoPrint
πŸ”§ Fan speed is now adjustable in percentage
πŸ”§ Enhance the small file manager (delete and download are now only visible when row is expanded)
πŸ”§ Focus is now not automatically given to the file search bar when clicking on the magnifying icon
πŸ”§ Temperature presets are now displayed at the top of the screen
πŸ”§ Fix upload of files in LAN configuration
πŸ”§ Fix deletion of files in LAN configuration
πŸ”§ Fix time progress bar blocked to 0

screenshot_20161205-182652Β Β Β Β  screenshot_20161205-183308

(The 2D visualizer for a GCODE file generated with Cura – Printoid v5.07 on the left, Printoid v5.08 on the right)



(The 2D visualizer and the different render colors for inner-wall, outer-wall, infill, supports, skin, retracts…)




(The new small files manager,”delete” and “download” action buttons are hidden until you expand the row)



(The new tools presets position, above the other features for convenience – that will prevent scrolling on the smallest screens)


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