Version 3.00 (09/16/2016)

The version 3.0 of Printoid is now out! It brings a new design, more modern, more sensitive. It also supports a lot of new features, like the adjustment of the feedrate, flowrate, etc. Extra-features has been enriched with very cool behaviors 😉

🍃 Changelog

– New design, more Material
– New selectable theme: Black Edition
– Integrate “more tools” panel
– Feedrate, flowrate, extrude length and moving distance support
– Allow streaming without haproxy (full URL in settings)
– Floating icon to see the video from anywhere
– Enhance orientation changes
– New menu with big icons
– Temperatures history comes from OctoPrint
– Support 2nd heater head
– Support HTTP redirections with DNS
– New icons for the main interface
– Sort method selector for files
– Search files feature
– Integrate files downloader & uploader
– Allow to send arbitrary GCODE commands
– Integrate screen locker for more security
– Display graphic ticks indicators
– Support direct access to OctoPrint web-interface
– Better connection support
– Better HTTP integration
– Integrate Google Analytics
– Lot of bugfix and enhancements


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