Version 2.00 (08/02/2016)

Here is the version 2.0 of Printoid, coming with the new blue theme and a better support of OctoPrint’s features. The connection is now more smart, and multiple printer profiles can be added!

⭐ Changelog

– Change main theme for the blue one
– New application icon
– New menu accessible from the top-right button
– New streaming mode: webview
– Support multiple profiles
– Support video streaming rotation
– Support portrait mode
– Support hot bed
– Support custom GCODE commands
– Integrate TTY port selector
– Integrate SSL support
– Back actions management
– Better screens compatibility
– Extended notifications
– Enhance connection
– Add Eco mode in the settings
– Enhance the temperature graphic
– Integrate tutorial on first start
– Load API from QR code using the camera
– Lot of bugfix and enhancements

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