Version v18.05 (02/01/2022)

Printoid v18.05 is out with major bug fixes, and support of the new version of the Printoid Plugin.

The new version of the Printoid Plugin includes the following changes:

  • Thermal Runaway protection. Detect possible thermal runaway and send alerts
  • New alert when hotend reached target temp
  • Added API so that other 3rd party plugins can also send notifications to your app
  • Added IFTTT support

Those changes are based on the last OctoPod plugin updates, thanks to the great work of Gaston Dombiak!

The OctoEverywhere connection issues (403) are now fixed, you can now use OctoEverywhere in Printoid again to enjoy an access to your OctoPrint server(s) from everywhere in the world!

Also, the Alerts menu has been removed. You can’t access this feature anymore, and all your configured alerts have been disabled. Please use the Printoid Plugin instead, which is much more robust and allows you to receive the notifications even when the Printoid application is closed.


✏ Support Printoid Plugin v1.1.1 (thermal protection alerts, printer paused notifications, IFTTT…)
✏ Refined menu
✏ Remove the deprecated Alerts feature
🔧 Fix OctoEverywhere connection

Notes de version

✏ Support du plugin Printoid v1.1.1 (alertes thermal protection, notifications d’imprimante en pause, IFTTT…)
✏ Menu légèrement revu
✏ Suppression de la fonctionnalité Alertes (dépreciée)
🔧 Fix de la connexion à OctoEverywhere

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