Version 13.05 (07/05/2019)

Printoid v13.05 is out and brings a lot of maintenance patches!

Nothing new in this feature, but a lot of optimizations I made this week after reading your (many) emails I’ve received during my holidays.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to give your feedback regarding this new version of Printoid. Does it work well? Does it work better than previous version? Do you feel the changes I made? Does it fix issues you had before?

That’s important to me to know 😉 Thank you guys !

Progressive release:

  • If the update is still not available yet for you, please be patient, it will available very soon for everyone.
  • Please do not ask me for the APK by email, Google Play is the only vector of distribution you shall trust. Moreover, I don’t not compile APK files anymore, but rather Android AppBundle only.

🌞 Changelog

✏ Get ready for Android Q (Android 10)!
✏ New connection process: 3 times faster, 3 times less failures!
✏ New dialog before starting a printing job
🔧 Fix issues with commands not showing in terminal
🔧 Fix widget “job progress” issues (won’t show info, etc)
🔧 Fix temperatures won’t show in the graph
🔧 Fix slicer profile edition (temperatures, etc)
🔧 Fix a lot of crashes & issues

🌞 Notes de version

✏ Printoid est prêt pour Android Q (Android 10) !
✏ Nouveau process de connexion : 3x plus rapide, 3x moins d’échecs !
✏ Nouveau dialog avant de lancer une impression
🔧 Fix des commandes non affichées dans le terminal
🔧 Fix du widget “job progress”
🔧 Fix des temperatures non affichées dans le graphique
🔧 Fix de l’édition du profil de slicer
🔧 Fix de nombreux crashes et problèmes


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