Version 13.00 & 13.01 (04/11/2019)

Introducing the future of Printoid: welcome Printoid v13 and Printoid Hub!

Printoid Hub: supervise all your OctoPrint servers from the same screen!


It is a brand new feature: Printoid Hub gives super powers to your 3D printers farm!

This PREMIUM feature allows you to show your own selection of configured OctoPrint profiles (or… all your profiles if you want!) on the same screen!

It’s so simple to use:

  • Install Printoid PREMIUM (or update Printoid PREMIUM to v13)
  • Ensure you have at least 2 OctoPrint profiles configured in Printoid
  • And…voila ! You have a new icon in your app launcher!

In Printoid Hub, you just have to click on the “+” button in order to append your selection of profiles to be displayed in the Hub. There is no limit!

Note: If you dislike the idea to have a second launcher icon for Printoid Hub, you can hide it from the Hub settings.

Note bis: You can also start Printoid Hub from the multiple profiles launcher screen (if activated from the settings) and from the left menu of the main dashboard.

Note ter: The work is still in progress, I will improve Printoid Hub in the next releases of the app. For example, I will add the video streaming view and more job information!

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The GCODE scripts

OctoPrint allows you to execute some batch of GCODE commands on actions triggered (on print paused, resumed, stopped…)

Printoid is now able to edit these scripts, directly from the new “GCODE scripts” menu!

🌿 Changelog

✏ New feature: Printoid Hub (for Printoid PREMIUM users only) – show all your OctoPrint servers status on the same screen!
✏ New feature: GCODE scripts on action triggered
🔧 Improve TLS certificate pinning management
🔧 Improve UI (size of cards, texts…)
🔧 Fix M105 filter issue
🔧 Fix snapshot widget issue
🔧 Lot of other bugfixes

🌿 Notes de version

✏ Nouvelle fonction : Printoid Hub (pour les utilisateurs PREMIUM uniquement) – affichez l’état de tous vos serveurs sur le même écran !
✏ Nouvelle fonction : scripts GCODE au déclenchement d’actions
🔧 Amélioration de la gestion du certificat TLS
🔧 Amélioration de l’UI (tailles, textes…)
🔧 Fix du problème de filtre M105
🔧 Fix du problème de widget snapshot
🔧 Nombreux bugfixes


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