Version 12.06 (03/02/2019)

This is a big release, with a lot of new things for you!

Progressive release: if the update is still not available yet for you, please be patient, it will come very soon for everybody. Please do not ask me for the APK by email, Google Play is the only distribution vector 🙂

1/ The major changes

There are 3 majors changes / new features in this version.

  • The temperature graphic has been totally reworked (now MPAndroidChart replaces the AndroidPlot library). You now have a better display of the plot, and you are able to zoom vertically & horizontally on the temperature lines 😉
  • The baby stepping has been integrated and is available on the dashboard while you are printing (using the same axis control buttons). You need to activate the baby stepping feature in the app’s settings first (tab “controls”) by selecting your printer’s firmware.
  • Printoid now supports the SSL/TLS certificate pinning if you use the HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP. From your OctoPrint profile’s configuration in the app, you are now able to select your own certificate. Please note that 1/ the certificate will not be synchronized with your Printoid account and 2/ you need to allow the READ_EXTERNAL storage permission.

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2/ The medium changes

I have worked on a lot of other things for this release.

  • Printoid now properly handles the connection management between OctoPrint and your printer(s). The baudrate parameter has been removed from the OctoPrint profile (since its is more relevant to the printer you connect rather than OctoPrint itself). The “connect printer” then handles this parameter. Printoid displays the profile name and the port your printer uses in the left menu. And finally, I’ve also added a “fack acknowledgment” button in the “connect printer” screen if ever you have connection issues.
  • The “end time” value now displays the day offset (such as D+1, D+2…) if ever your print does not end today.
  • Your profiles pictures are now synchronized between your devices using your Printoid account.
  • A spool icon is now displayed on the dashboard, at the right of the cost value, if ever RollingUp is installed on your device too
  • For those who experiment issues with plugins (such as Octolapse or Enclosure plugin marked as “not available” by the app, or nothing shown in the terminal) then I’ve added the possibility to specify your OctoPrint web interface account credentials in your OctoPrint profile configuration (these are the credentials you use to connect within your web interface, and they will be used to authenticate you over the web socket – which is required since OctoPrint v1.3.10)

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3/ The interface changes / reworks

I’m currently reworking a lot of screens in order to have a better user experience in the app.

  • The sliders value is now shown at the left of the sliders themselves when you are adjusting a tool command.
  • The screensaver has now a better layout, more modern.
  • The OctoPrint profiles screen now show tips above each parameters for a better understanding of how it is used/handled by the app
  • The Timelapses screen now displays only the list of timelapses. You need to click on the “gear” icon at the top to show the timelapse configuration.
  • Some texts in the dashboard were cut (such as time information, temperature values, etc). This has been fixed and now, the texts adapt their own size according to the available size on your screen.
  • The “more printer tools” page has been reworked, and can be shown from any screen by using the new entry in the left menu called “Printer tools”

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Support the developer: As you can see, I still try to do my best to improve the application. If you enjoy my work, you can support it from Patreon and Paypal.

🌼 Full changelog

✏ New temperature graphic (better display, support vertical & horizontal zoom)
✏ Integration of Baby Stepping while printing (to be enabled in the settings)
✏ Integration of SSL/TLS certificate pinning (select your certificate in your OctoPrint profile)

✏ Show printer name and port in the left menu header
✏ Spool icon is displayed to the right of the cost if RollingUp is available
✏ End time value now displays day offset (D+…)
✏ Sync your profile’s pictures with your Printoid account
✏ Remove the baudrate configuration from OctoPrint profile
✏ New “fack acknowledgment” button in the connect printer screen
✏ Show “OFF” instead of “-” when a tool is off
✏ Add your OctoPrint web interface credentials in your OctoPrint profile

✏ Rework the way the sliders show the selected value
✏ Rework the screensaver (better layout)
✏ Rework the connect printer screen
✏ Rework the OctoPrint profiles screen (add tips above each parameters)
✏ Rework the “expand view” screen
✏ Rework the timelapses screen
✏ Rework the monitor card layout issue (avoid texts cut, etc.)

🌼 Notes de version completes

✏ Nouveau grapique de températures (meilleur affichage, support du zoom)
✏ Integration du Baby Stepping pendant l’impression (à activer dans les paramètres)
✏ Integration du certificate pinning SSL/TLS (sélectionnez votre certificat dans le profil OctoPrint)

✏ Affichage du nom de l’imprimante et du port dans le menu latéral
✏ Icône “bobine” à droite du coût si RollingUp est disponible
✏ Heure de fin affiche désormais l’offset en jour (J+…)
✏ Synchro des images de profils avec votre compte Printoid
✏ Suppression du paramètre de baudrate du profile OctoPrint
✏ Nouveau bouton “fack acknowledgment” dans l’écran de connection à l’imprimante
✏ Affichage de “OFF” à la place de “-” si un outil est OFF
✏ Ajout de vos identifiants OctoPrint dans votre profile OctoPrint

✏ Rework de l’affichage de la valeur sélectionnée via les sliders
✏ Rework de l’économiseur d’écran (meilleur layout)
✏ Rework de la connexion à l’imprimante
✏ Rework de l’écran des profils OctoPrint (tips au dessus des paramètres)
✏ Rework de l’écran “étendre la vue”
✏ Rework de l’écran des timelapses
✏ Rework de la carte “monitorer” (fix des textes coupés, etc)


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