Version 11.02 (10/19/2018)

Maintenance release.

I’ve fixed a lot of issues reported by many users on Thank you all, I hope this version will fix most of your issues & regressions!

I’ve also used the new Android AppBundle format to generate the application. The size of the package has been reduced by 43 to 53% depending to your device! (previously 29.7MB, now 13.5 to 17.5MB !)

Following is the full changelog. The version is on prod on Google Play (19th of October, at 2PM UTC+1) and will be gradually available during the evening and today in the morning if everything is fine.


🍁 Changelog

✏ Rework temperature seekbars design
✏ Rework screensaver look & feel
✏ Reduce a lot the application size (-10MB)
✏ App built with Android AppBundle (also -5MB!)
🔧 Fix crash with Android 5.0 and above
🔧 Fix temperature history issue in the graph
🔧 Fix crash when deleting a file
🔧 Fix upload file from Downloads folder
🔧 Fix “unlocked” icon look
🔧 Stability improved

🍁 Notes de version

✏ Rework du design des sliders de temperature
✏ Rework du design du screensaver
✏ Reduction de la taille de l’appli (-10Mo)
✏ Appli compilée avec Android AppBundle (également -5Mo!)
🔧 Fix crash avec Android 5.0 et précédent
🔧 Fix historique des températures
🔧 Fix crash à la suppression d’un fichier
🔧 Fix de l’envoi de fichier depuis le dossier Téléchargements
🔧 Fix look de l’icône “déverrouillé”
🔧 Amélioration de la stabilité


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