Version 11.00 (09/29/2018)

The big rework – Printoid is more modern and now ready to welcome new features!

Here come the brand new version of Printoid. It comes with a new design, more modern, more smooth, more powerful!

The new design

  • At left, Printoid v10 and the previous design.
  • At right, Printoid v11 and the new design.

The new icons set

The icons has been totally reworked. Instead of using PNG, Printoid now embeds a full vectored icons set.

It results on:

  • A better interface for all the devices (no artifacts anymore)
  • Material design icons, compliant with Google requirements
  • Lighter app package size (at least -5MB)

The best results are for the big devices, such as phablets and tablets, and for smartphones with a big screen resolution (such as Galaxy S8, S9, Huawei P20 Pro, etc…)


The new lateral menu

The lateral menu has been reworked too.

More modern, more beautiful, more ‘Google compliant’.

A new feature also comes with this rework: you can click on the profile name from the menu header to access to your list of configured OctoPrint’s profiles directly from the menu.


The new file manager

The file manager also comes with the brand new icons set.

But I’ve also reworked the way to display file details. Now you can easily switch to the right to see the whole selected file parameters. Then to the left to go back to the main details.


The new “OctoPrint’s plugins” menu

I’ve introduced a new panel, accessible from the lateral menu: the OctoPrint’s plugin.

In fact this new panel contains actually the details about the plugins supported by Printoid.

The  Enclosure plugin is still not available, but will come soon.



🎒 Changelog:

The big rework \o/
✏ Brand new icons (flat design, and vectorised to replace the old PNG)
✏ New design, new animations: Printoid looks more modern!
✏ Lateral menu: design has changed, and you can easily select another OctoPrint profile!
✏ New pop-up on current printing ended with success
✏ New « Octoprint’s plugins » panel (more plugins will come soon, including Enclosure!)
🔧 Reduced application size (-5MB)
🔧 Fix a lot of issues (+106 fixes)

🎒 Notes de version :

The big rework \o/
✏ Nouvelles icônes (design ‘flat’, et vectorisées pour remplacer les PNG)
✏ Nouveau design, nouvelles animations : Printoid est plus moderne !
✏ Menu latéral: nouveau design, et switchez facilement entre vos profils OctoPrint !
✏ Nouvelle pop-up lors de la fin d’une impression en cours !
✏ Nouveau panel « plugins OctoPrint » (+ de plugins supportés à venir, dont Enclosure !)
🔧 Taille d’appli réduite (-5Mo)
🔧 Nombreux fix de bugs (+106 fix)


4 thoughts on “Version 11.00 (09/29/2018)

    1. Casey,
      It will be available in the new hours for everyone. It is staged for 25% of the users for the moment.
      I’m waiting for feedbacks before releasing it for 100% of the users


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