Discover RollingUp, the tool to manage your stock of filament


This application is available on Google Play:

1. What is RollingUp?

This application allows you to manage your stock of filament spools for your 3D printer(s). Enter your spools in the app, and input your consumption on it. Easy, efficient.

2. What are the features of this app?

  • Manage your stock of filament spools
  • Manage your different materials parameters
  • Input consumptions on your spools
  • Keep an eye on your remaining filaments
  • Verify if a print can be done with a specific spool
  • See the cost for each consumption
  • Sort your spools by manufacturer, material, weight, length…
  • Write your spools on NFC tags (stickers or badges) and scan your spools with your device to access to its status!
  • And a lot of new efficient features to come very soon!

3. What about Printoid?

RollingUp is integrated as a module in Printoid v10.04+, for PRO and PREMIUM users.

Details are available here:

4. How the NFC tags work?

This feature is incredibly easy and will power-up your 3D printing experience!

Details are available here:

5. What about an iOS version?

The iOS version of this app will come soon. It is not developed by me, but by an iOS developer that knows how to improve your experience on iPhones and iPads 😉 You’ll be informed once this version will be available.

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