Version 10.04 (06/21/2018)

Summer release!

No, no the development of Printoid is not stopped 😉 I was just working on another projects during the last weeks.

And one of these projects is the Filament Spool Manager application!

I – Integration of the Filament Spool Manager module


This application is available now on Google Play:

I will try to answer to your questions before you ask me them 😉

1. What is Filament Spool Manager?

This application allows you to manage your stock of filament spools for your 3D printer(s). Enter your spools in the app, and input your consumption on it.

Manage the different materials, see the cost for each consumption, and (a lot) of other cool features to come (filament usage analytics, cost per month, etc…)

2. Why another application?

Filament Spool Manager is not an application only for OctoPrint users. It’s an application for all the makers, even those without OctoPrint.

This app is standalone: you can use it without OctoPrint, without Printoid. It’s a brand new application for everyone.

3. But what about Printoid?

Yes, there is a link  with Printoid! Printoid v10.04 integrates Filament Spool Manager as a module, and it can communicate with it!

From Printoid, in the files manager, you can select a file and directly input its length to a spool from Filament Spool Manager!

If a file is loaded in OctoPrint, you can also input its length from the dashboard of Printoid by clicking on the file name (below the progress bars)

When the screensaver view is showing, you also have a new button to input length on a spool.

And last but not least, of course, you can launch the Filament Spool Manager module from the left menu 😉

4. Which versions of Printoid?

The Filament Spool Manager is embedded in Printoid for PRO and PREMIUM users.

5. Seems cool! And what about the filament manager plugins of OctoPrint?

Some of you are using plugins in OctoPrint to manage their filament.

Filament Spool Manager is not compatible with these plugins at all, and will be never connected with them. I’m not the developer of these plugins. And this is not my goal at all. Because I want to make this application available for everybody, I repeat: there is no link with Filament Spool Manager and OctoPrint at all.

Filament Spool Manager is a standalone application only. The communication with Printoid is an extra feature, and it’s already cool!

6. What about an iOS version?

I’m still not an iOS developer so, sorry, there is no iOS version for the moment. Probably in the future.

7. Can I see it in action?

Yes. Here are the screenshots 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

II – Connection process fixed

A second change in Printoid is a fix for the connection process with Android 8.1.

In fact, I need to know the WiFi SSID of your current network (which identifies your local network) in order to optimize the changes between LAN and WAN.

Android 8.1 restricts the access to this information to applications with ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION (at least) only.

That’s why this permission appears in Printoid since v10.04. You are not forced to accept this permission. Moreover it is not prompted automatically.

Go to the settings of Printoid, section “connection” and click on “Improve connection process” to activate the patch (Android 8.1 and + only)

If you don’t do that, don’t worry. Printoid will still work well, but the connection would not be as good as before.

Of course, Printoid does nothing at all with your location. The app does not read your location. Only your WiFi SSID.

🌞 Changelog

✏ Integration of the Filament Spool Manager app as a module in Printoid
🔧 Fix connection process (Android 8.1+): improve connection setting by accepting the ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION permission in order to access the WiFi SSID. See the privacy policy update. This is not mandatory at all, and Printoid will not read your device location 😉
🔧 Fix slicer issues

🌞 Notes de version

✏ Integration de l’appli Filament Spool Manager en tant que module dans Printoid
🔧 Fix du processus de connexion (Android 8.1+): paramètre pour améliorer la connexion en acceptant la permission ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION pour pouvoir accéder au SSID du WiFi. Lisez la mise à jour des règles de confidentialité. Ce n’est pas obligatoire et Printoid ne lira pas votre localisation 😉
🔧 Fix des problèmes avec le slicer


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