Version 9.13 (03/26/2018)

Printoid version 9.13 is finally here 😉

You’ve probably seen that since a few months, there are fewer versions than before. In fact, I don’t have enough free time to work on the app… It is really hard to deal with my current full-time job, and Printoid. If you don’t know me yet, you need to know that I am the only developer on this project, and I develop it on my free-time (when I have sufficient free-time…). The development of that kind of application, used by thousand makers all over the world, is so time consuming… In my dreams I wanna make Printoid my full time job (that’s probably a utopia for the moment, unfortunately). But, at this time, the revenues of the app are not sufficient to live. That’s why, since a few weeks, I’m focusing on my job instead of passing my time on Printoid.

Of course you can still help me to fund the development of the app and make things greater here and here!

Don’t be scared – I will probably experiment something in Printoid LITE : I will probably integrate ads (a small banner) in Printoid LITE only. I am trying to find a viable solution to fund the future of the application. If ever it’s a mess, I will probably rollback to the previous system (free-app without ads).

Here is the changelog of Printoid 9.13, I hope you’ll enjoy the new features guys.


1/ Hide M105 commands and results from the terminal

A lot of users requested me that. That’s almost the same behavior as for the OctoPrint’s terminal: you can hide/show the M105 commands and results.

To do so, there is a new “settings” button in the Commands panel (the gear icon at the top right of the commands panel)

2/ Define some of your custom commands as favorites

If you have defined tons of custom commands, it is probably hard for you to find the one you want. Even if you can order the commands (long-press on it and drag it where you want), it is annoying to search for a frequently used command.

That’s why, you can now define your commands as “favorite” (that’s a new option in the command editor).

Then, you can use the new “settings” button in the Commands panel (still the one with the gear, at the top right of the commands panel) to display only your favorite commands, or the whole list.

That’s the same from the right menu of the app: you have now a spinner to easily switch between the favorites and the whole list. I hope you’ll like it.


3/ Scan your local network to find your OctoPrint instance(s)

I am a lazy guy. In fact, we are all lazy when we are using the technology. But, some of you are also very beginners in network tools and terms.

That’s why I’ve integrated a UPNP scanner in the OctoPrint profiles panel, next to the LAN IP address field (the icon with the magnifier – the same as the one for searching for your public IP address).

Printoid will scan your network and exposes the OctoPrint instances found. Just select the OctoPrint of your choice (if you have more than one server on your network) and it will automatically fill the LAN IP address field. That’s all 😉

You need to be connected to your local network with your device: otherwise Printoid will not be able to find anything (because I’m still not a magician – please follow this only rule!)

🌼 Changelog

✏ New feature: hide M105 commands from the terminal
✏ New feature: set your custom commands as favorite! (+ new option to show favorites only)
✏ New feature: you can now scan your local network, Printoid will find your OctoPrint instances for you!
✏ Update Dutch translations, thanks to Ruud
🔧 Fetch printer profiles only once
🔧 Fetch slicers settings only once
🔧 Fix duplicated OctoPrint commands issue

🌼 Notes de version

✏ Nouvelle feature: cachez les commandes M105 dans le terminal
✏ Nouvelle feature: définissez vos commandes perso comme favorites (+ nouvelle option pour les filtrer)
✏ Nouvelle feature: vous pouvez scannez votre réseau local, Printoid va trouver vos instances OctoPrint pour vous !
✏ Mise à jour de la traduction Néerlandais, merci à Ruud
🔧 Récupération des profils d’imprimantes au lancement seulement
🔧 Récupération des paramètres de slicers au lancement seulement
🔧 Fix des commandes OctoPrint dupliquées


2 thoughts on “Version 9.13 (03/26/2018)

  1. I got the premioum version but the “PSU switch” button isn’t in the left menu anymore.
    Is there any way to put it back there?
    Thank you for the best app in the field.


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