Version 9.12 (06/03/2018)

Another important maintenance release – Printoid v9.12 fixes two major issues.

1/ Printer connection: now it works well, you can connect your 3D printer to OctoPrint again using Printoid

2/ Resume print: now it works well too, you can resume a paused print, and Printoid displays the correct message

This version also brings the new language management! You can contribute to the internationalization of the app by yourself. See this post for more informations 😉

🌼 Changelog

✏ Integration of the new languages management – you can also contribute by yourself!
🔧 Fix printer connection issues
🔧 Fix the resume print button behavior
🔧 Prevent adding custom alerts when printing progress reach 100%
🔧 Fix the contact dialog buttons

🌼 Notes de version

✏ Intégration du nouveau management de langages – vous pouvez désormais contribuer par vous-même !
🔧 Fix de la connexion à l’imprimante
🔧 Fix du comportement du bouton “reprendre l’impression”
🔧 Bloque l’ajout d’alerte personnalisée lorsque le progress de l’impression atteint 100%
🔧 Fix des boutons du dialogue de contact


2 thoughts on “Version 9.12 (06/03/2018)

  1. Why the issue with coling fan bar is not fixed ? Every time I start app it shows that my coling fan is at 0


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