Version 9.11 (03/04/2018)

Maintenance release – a lot of process & UI enhancements according to the latest feedbacks I’ve received.

There is no new feature in this release because I’m currently preparing a lot of new things for the next versions (support of enclosure plugin, statistics plugin & history plugin, etc.)

The main changes in the v9.11 are:

1/ Files update

Now the files are updated only when needed. That means, only when Printoid detects a file deletion, or a new file uploaded.

That’s better right now because it prevents file update when you are using the files manager (and the potential refresh glitches).

2/ File details

In the extended files manager, when you select a file, the details card is now more beautiful and easy to read. The extra informations are now more clear and the text is bigger.

I’ve also added two new time values, in addition to the estimated time (retrieved from the GCODE file information – that’s the value computed by your slicer) :

  • Last print time: that’s the duration of the last print job of this file
  • Average print time: if you’ve printed more than one time this file, then this value is the average of all print job durations.

Please note that these two new informations are relative to the currently selected printer profile (if you have more than one printer profile configured in OctoPrint, these values may change depending on the current profile defined in the connection process – if you have only one profile, then don’t take this note into account 🙂 )

3/ Connection errors enhancement

Now Printoid shows you a “easy-to-read” error code and message if ever the connection fails. I hope this will help you to debug your connection issues by yourself.

Please, do not abuse the “send the logs to the developer” feature without trying to understand what’s going wrong. A lot of users don’t understand why the connection fails… whereas their servers are simply not powered on. So, be smart and double-check everything before requesting me assistance 🙂


🌼 Changelog

✏ Files are now updated only when needed
✏ Improve the details of the selected file
✏ Display the estimated time, last print time and average print time in the selected file details
✏ Connection errors are now easier to understand
✏ Lot of UI and text size enhancements
🔧 Fix Spanish translations (thanks to Angel Del Pino Jimenez)
🔧 Lot of bugixes

🌼 Note de version

✏ Les fichiers sont raffraichis uniquement si nécessaire
✏ Amélioration de l’affichage des détails du fichier sélectionné
✏ Affichage du temps estimé, du temps de la dernière impression et du temps moyen d’impression dans les détails du fichier
✏ Les erreurs de connexion sont désormais plus simple à comprendre
✏ Nombreux fix d’UI et de taille de textes
🔧 Fix de la traduction en Espagnol (merci ) Angel Del Pino Jimenez)
🔧 Nombreux fix de bugs


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